April 6, 2015

Active Weekend Recap

Hey everyone,

I hope you had great holiday weekend, mine was pretty active.  Friday night Brett and I had a romantic date night which involved dinner and movie.  We ate at Panini Cafe and it was delicious, after that we saw the movie “Get Hard” and we both thought it was funny.  Saturday morning we slept in (which I reallllly needed) once we got up we headed to our favorite trail in San Clemente. It was a gorgeous day and the trail wasn’t crowded at all! We spent the majority of the day there walking around, eating tacos and ice cream. Sunday, I ran around and handled some errands…nothing too exciting ha-ha.  Here are some pics from my iphone camera. Enjoy!

San Clemente Trail
(Sunnies are from Quay)

“Young, Wild & Free” Tank Top from Waves of Attire
Enjoying my FAVORITE kind of ice cream – Rainbow Sherbet
Easter Sunday


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