September 9, 2014

And the Winner is…

Hi everyone,

Each year as August comes to a close, so do the Horse Races down in Del Mar, California. I spent the day there recently for a friend’s 30th birthday celebration and had an amazing time. Whether it be at the Kentucky Derby, The Belmont Stakes, or any big track, one of the perks of going to the races is that you get to wear those famous “big hats”. As you will see below, I chose to wear a beige hat with a light colored, floral sun dress.

I was more than excited to wear this outfit at my first horse racing experience. Let me know what you think, and also your favorite outfit ideas to wear to watch the horses race in person!

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  1. You look absolutely fabulous! Love that hat with the floral dress. That silhouette is made for you! I’m the same way with getting more excited to dress up than the actual event. It’s hard not to have fun when looking your best!

  2. You look stunning!! That dress is incredible. I just love hats, I love an excuse to wear a big hat!!

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  3. gorgeous dress! you look so chic. that hat is perfect! =D
    fun times!

  4. Beautiful post
    Love the Dress
    You look so glamorous
    Fabulous :)

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