September 2, 2015

Back to School

It’s crazy to think that kids are already going back to school or have recently started taking classes. I use to love putting my “first day of school” outfits together however, during high school I had to wear my cheer uniform for the first day. It was mainly to show off our school spirit but I’m sure no one cared ha ha!

Once I got to college the narrative changed about what you wore to school. Mostly everyone wore their workout clothes even though they probably weren’t going to the gym! One thing I do remember about my freshman year is going through sorority recruitment and you better believe I picked my outfits ahead of time! I’ve listed some of my favorite “Back to School” items that I would LOVE to have.

Thanks for stopping by and please tell me your personal “first day off school” wish list.


Tops & Coverups

Backpack and Purses

Shoes & Boots

Stay Styled,


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  1. I know, I miss back to school shopping too! That’s actually what my post for tomorrow is about haha, great minds! Those Forever 21 silver oxfords are just too cute, I really need to go to Forever soon and check out their fall things.

    Also, kind of random but how do you link all of the options on the bottom like that? I cannot figure it out for the life of me!


    • Stay Styled says:

      I usually have a great luck at Forever21. I know some people look down on them but I love their stuff. I feel like they’ve come a long way.

      I sent ya an email on how to link everything – hope it helped :)

  2. love it!!

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