December 8, 2015

Embracing the Culture…

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Brett and I grew up believing in different religions, as well as celebrating other holidays. It’s been a big joy of mine to be able to learn more about his beliefs and traditions, as well as sharing mine with him. We love that we can combine our holidays together and make new traditions for our new, little family.

Throughout the years Brett and I would drive to LA to spend the weekend with his family celebrating Hanukkah. He comes from a big family so there’s a ton of food and lots of catching up with everyone. It has been a pleasure learning more about his religion and having his family welcome me with open arms. I feel so spoiled being able to embrace these amazing holidays.

wed pic

For Christmas, we usually drive to my parent’s home. Because I’m an only child, and most of my family lives in Wisconsin our holiday is little more quite but none the less a lot of fun. I always enjoy watching Brett open gifts from his stocking because I know that’s one of his favorite parts about our tradition.

Luckily, the street I grew up on goes “all out” when it comes to putting up lights on their houses. So after dinner, Brett and I usually walk around and take pictures of the decked out homes.

Now that we are married and have our own place, we will be hosting Christmas this year. With that said, I tried my best to use decorations that would work for both of our holidays. I didn’t want to go too crazy since our place isn’t that big and we’re still sorting out our wedding gifts.


I decided to buy blue, silver and white ornaments to go with the colors for Hanukkah. I bought a smaller white tree since my other one was a little too big… maybe next year I can find a spot for it. Brett likes to tease me and call our Christmas Tree a “Hanukkah Bush” since it’s so little ha ha (pics seen below) – I guess I can’t disagree with that comment!

I’m truly lucky to be in an relationship with someone who embraces my traditions and I’m blessed to be a part of his. It’s made for the most amazing memories and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of them! I hope you enjoyed our mini decorations and thanks for stopping by.


Ornament with our wedding invitation – a sweet gift from our friend
Chrismukkah Pillow – gift from our wedding




Wedding Pic Cred: Kamee June

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