December 16, 2014

“Feels Like Home to Me”

Hey Ya’ll,

This past weekend, my roommate and I hosted a holiday party for our friends at our condo. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you all the makeover I did on our place a couple of weeks back and some of the holiday party details that I loved.

Lindsey and I have lived together throughout most of our adult life and making some place a home without my best friend/blog partner-in-crime was terrifying, but as luck would have it,  I love my place and my new roommate. We live about a mile from the water in Sunset Beach. It really is the perfect spot, but up until about a month ago, we really did not have the perfect décor. I am sad to even share a before picture with you all. Ok well here it goes… Wait! I think I will jump into the after pictures and share the before at the very end of the post.

Before I get into the pictures, it might help if I explain my new roommate and I’s style. Shea, the roommate, has the most eclectic style. She is kind of a cross between a hippy and a rocker. In college, she started wearing red mascara and pretty soon everywhere you looked people had colored mascara. Our senior year, she was dying her bangs different colors and when people have colored hair today I just think to myself, “Shea did that like a decade ago”. She really is a trendsetter, but admittedly not an interior designer. She left it to me to make the decisions, but offered some great input and didn’t let me play it safe. I will start by introducing the patterns we used.


So I initially wanted the apartment to be black, white and very beachy but in all honesty, that is not very fun. So Shea and I hit some discount retailers in order to get the most bang for our buck. We selected 20+ variations of pillow pairings before we settled on this look.


We really tried to keep everything under $150 and play-up some of the pieces we had. Like the white couch and the wood tables. We also found a great rug for under $50.


Finally, I really wanted a gallery wall. And this is just a starting off point but I really am in love with the results of the makeover so far.


Don’t worry, I have changed out the images in what we named “Java Jane” in the frames with some printables I found on Pinterest. We also added some gold accents in our hall and are thinking about using the cooler in the third picture as a television stand (I am going back and forth on that one). Also, my apologies for the lack of photography skills.





Now for some of the fun party details, we did a DIY photo booth and found some great props at Target.


We used a sled as a popcorn holder and threw some Trader Joes chocolate drizzled popcorn into little containers from Etsy. We also offered some guest favorite candy to mix in.



Lastly, I made this holiday punch that was so delicious we ran out. The punch consisted of equal parts cranberry juice, ginger ale, and vodka.


To top it off, what is a holiday party without a tree and some great friends.





Stay Styled,

As promised, here is a before picture…


Print Accent Pillowsn & Rug//Ross
Accent Pillows (Blue)//Ikea
Tree//Martha Stewart
Photo Booth Props//Target
Ugly Sweater//Groupon

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