July 23, 2014

Go With Your Gut

Hi Everyone,

We are still in the midst of summer and the creative outfits keep coming. With the weather usually on the warm side, I am continuing to experiment with new fashion ideas. One of those ideas are the bright colored, dolphin shorts as shown below. I love the vibrant look and design of these pattern shorts.

When I first saw these shorts while I was shopping, I decided to send some of my “fellow fashionistas” a picture of them. The reviews were mixed at first but once they saw me wearing them in person, I completely changed their minds.

With that said, my fashion tip from this experience is to “Go With Your Gut!” Meaning, if you know you like something, trust your eye and go with it, you will be happier in the long run.

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Shirt//G Stage
Dolphin Shorts//G Stage
Heels//G Stage
Bar Neckalce//Etsy
Bracelet//Urban Outfitters

Stay Styled,
Lindsey (Ling)

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  1. sistasfromcali says:

    Those shorts are so cute!


  2. I personally really like those shorts because they look very cute and festive. I think that it was perfect to style them with that solid black top, because it doesn’t make them look too over-the-top.

    -Helen Grace


  3. You look gorgeous, those shorts are so freakin cute and perfect for hot summer days!

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