September 19, 2014

I Would Cry But My Mascara Is Designer

You know those shirts that say “I woke up like this”? Those are so cute, but let’s be honest no one woke up looking like anything other than tired. So what is it that people are using to look so beautiful these days? A couple of years ago someone told me about the beauty subscription Birchbox. Beauty subscriptions work like this, you sign-up, fill out a short questionnaire about yourself, pay around $10/month, and receive all kinds of great samples etc. It is like sending yourself flowers every month, like Cher Horowitz. So after a year of Birchboxing it, I decided to try another subscription. I heard about Glam Bag from a frenemy and signed up 2 months ago. I am loving Glam Bag, but hesitant to unsubscribe to my trusty- Birchbox.0

What is great about Birchbox?
1. $10/Month is nothing. I spend that at Starbucks in two days.
2. The products are things I would never think to try. (Think BB Cream and curly hair serum)
3. You can shop all the products from your box on their site and earn points for buying!
4. The survey you take when you sign up makes the box feel personal.

What is not so great about Birchbox?
1. Juicy Couture perfume. I wish there were an option on their site to prevent them from sending this. It smells like college. I think I have receive 10+ samples of it in the last year.
2. What is all this stuff? The brands are not always recognizable and sometimes I want to try a new product from a brand I know.
3. Too many single use products.


What is great about Glam Bag?
1. The bag you get each month is super stylish and cute!
2. The samples are big.
3. The brands are mostly recognizable.
4. It is the same price as Birchbox.

What is not so great about Glam Bag?
1. The bags are too small. Can we make them a little bigger so I can carry them as a clutch?
2. The items are not always high-end. Most could be found at Target.

So what is a girl to do? Birchbox or Glam Bag? I am really into Glam Bag right now. I get far more excited when I see it in the mailbox than with Birchbox. We would love to hear about your favorite beauty subscriptions. Leave a comment and tell us what’s keeping you beautiful.

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