April 30, 2015

Just Like my Mother

Hi all,

Today’s dress screams Mother’s day or maybe just my mom’s style. Her favorite color is pink and she LOVES to wear dresses, especially Maxis. I usually don’t wear pink because I thought it was too girly and I’ve always been drawn to different colors.

IMG_5349 (1)

It’s funny, the older I get the more I notice that I’m becoming a lot like her. I’m starting to watch the same shows that I use to rip her for like, Dateline and I.D. I used to tell her how depressing those shows were and now I’m OBSESSED! Whenever I’m done watching “The Real Housewives of Anything” ( Orange County, ATL, NYC, NJ and Beverly Hills) that’s the first thing I turn to. Now I’m even wearing more PINK ha-ha!

Maybe next weekend in honor of my mama I will wear her favorite color :) Are you ladies like me and noticing that you’re slowly turning into your mothers?!?!

Let me know your thoughts on this look.

IMG_5379 IMG_5374 IMG_5380
Dress//H&M//(Old, similar here and here)
Glasses//Charlotte Russe//(Sold out, similar here)
Purse//Charlotte Russe//(Old, similar here)

Stay Styled,


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  1. You are the cutest! I am sure this just made your mom’s heart melt! You look really pretty in pink, it goes so well with your skin tone. You should definitely wear it more!

    • Stay Styled says:

      Thanks pretty lady! I will be shocked if my mom even reads this post she STILL doesn’t know how to use her email. Well…I take that back she does, but she chooses not to ha-ha. Oh well! Thanks for stopping by you’re always sooooo SWEET and I appreciate it.

      Stay Styled,

  2. I wish I was as glamorous as my mother! LOL. I am obsessed with the color combination. Not everyone call pull this off. I wish I could! xo

    Much love,

  3. I am definitely turning into my mom! But I’m okay with that because shes great, as I’m sure your mom is too!



    • Stay Styled says:

      Yes, my mama is the best! I love her and I totally don’t mind that I’m becoming more like her. I just have to laugh at myself for giving her a hard time for watching those crazy shows and now I’m into them ha-ha! Anyways, I hope you have a great weekend!

      Stay Styled,

  4. I have this same dress! I bought it years ago. xo


    • Stay Styled says:

      It’s the BEST right?!?! I remember seeing it at H&M and I knew I had to buy it. I’ve gotten so much use out of it. I’m sure it looks amaz on you too :)

      Stay Styled,

  5. Love the colour combination x

  6. I’m starting to feel a little the same, but it’s hard to say that I’m becoming my mom. These colors are so fun together!
    xo Adri

  7. Saw this on insta and had to come to your blog to see the full look! Adore these colors on you!! Xo

    IG: @stylemelauren

    • Stay Styled says:

      Hey babe,

      You’re too sweet! I always appreciate when bloggers stop by other bloggers pages. Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a great weekend!!!!

      Stay Styled,

  8. Love your outfit, great clutch too. Have a nice weekend!


  9. loving your hair color!

    xx Angie | http://thefashionfuse.com/

    • Stay Styled says:

      Thanks Angie! I’m torn on whether or not if I should keep it for my wedding. I can’t decide ha ha, good thing I have until November! Appreciate you stopping by my blog and commenting :)

      Stay Styled,

  10. This dress is such a fun color combo and you can never go wrong with a pop of leopard!!

    XO Courtney

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