August 12, 2015

Looking for Confirmation, in Registration

Now that I’m in my new place I can’t stop looking at decorations. There are so many lamps, pictures, and furniture pieces I want to buy but I know I need to wait until after the wedding. I’ve been tweaking my wedding registry since we did it back in January and many things have changed. I realized some of the stuff we wanted we don’t need any more or wasn’t realistic.

As cool as it would be to have a waffle maker, I know that we may never use it! We both don’t eat waffles that often so I would rather list something that we would get more use out of.

I’ve listed some décor items that I’m currently loving and wish I could have in my new place! For those who are married, did you change your registry items a lot? I would love to hear your tips and what stuff I should avoid listing.

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  1. Bill and I just went to Bed, Bath & Beyond for the first time together to start looking. Talk about overwhelming, you just want to add it all so any tips will help haha!


  2. Just last week I was wondering why a friend would add 6 different types of coat hangers in her registry, but I guess it is hard to do the perfect registry. You should probably do a post with tips once you sort this out

    Natalia | Lindifique

  3. Love these picks. That gold tray would look great on my vanity with some baubles and perfume. The pillows are a nice touch, but might look odd on my bed, considering there’s no Mr. haha. But I bet they’d warm up your home nicely :)

    xx Yasmin

  4. I’m not married… nor have I been…so I don’t have much experience with a wedding registry… but I did a Google search and there are lots of tips out there, I readThe Evergirl and found this:

    I would think of everyday stuff, go through your regular routine (maybe on a Saturday/Sunday, or a day you’re home a lot) of long lasting items and go from there….

    Morning: bedding & sheets, towels, flatware, mugs, cups, bowls, coffee/espresso machine, toaster, blender

    Afternoon: home decor, laundry/cleaning items… iron/steamer, vacuum, etc…gardening/yard stuff

    Evening: mixing bowls, pots/pans, “nice dishes”/china, cutting board, knives… entertainment stuff maybe great speakers or iPod sound system, etc…

    Think of items you’d both use and go from there!… And don’t be afraid to request gift cards… maybe even to restaurants for date nights…

    Have fun!

    All the Cute
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