May 13, 2015

Loose Curls with NuMe

Ever since I started my blog in March of 2014, (I know I’m still a “newbie blogger”) I’m frequently asked about my hair. I receive more comments and messages through email and on Instagram asking what I use to style my hair. Today, I thought I would share my secret weapon, my NuMe Curling Wand.

FullSizeRender (1)

Generally, I wash my hair every 2 days and I never blow dry it unless I’m in a rush. My hairdresser told me it’s better not to wash it every day because it flushes out the natural oils that help your hair grow. I try to let my hair “air dry” and I normally just sleep on my wet hair overnight. As you can see below, my hair has a funky, frizzy wave to it which I’ve learned helps my curls last longer.


Step 1:
I start off separating my hair in three sections (bottom, middle and top crown). Once this is done I start working my way up to the top of my head with my NuMe Wand. I chose the (32MM) size barrel because I noticed that when I curl my hair with it, the curls last until the next day without touch ups – It’s AWESOME!!!



Step 2:
Once I’ve worked my way to the top of my head, I gently apply this Argan Oil. This product makes my hair very soft and smooth, and it can be used as a anti-frizz serum, heat protectant, and is also a good add to shine your hair. This is perfect for me because I have that funky, frizzy wave going on ha-ha. IMG_8249-1

IMG_8250-1 (1)

I highly recommend my “secret weapon” the NuMe Wand, for the perfect curls especially because it comes with multiple barrels. This is very beneficial because you won’t need to buy multiple wands.

The BEST part is that NuMe want’s to give all of my fabulous readers and followers some amazing deals on their products!

To receive $100 off any curling set use the code: STYLISH when checking out

To receive 40% off Hot Tools (excluding: hair care, accessories and seasonal catalog) + FREE shipping to the US – Use Code: BLOGGINGBEAUTY

Ladies, you are going to LOVE the NuMe! :)

Enjoy the pics and help your hair with these great products!!! Thank you!!!

Stay Styled,


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  1. Great post! It’s always nice to learn what other people use and do!


    • Stay Styled says:

      Hey there Susie,

      I totally agree with you! I love reading my favorite bloggers beauty tips. Especially, when they post hair tutorials. Thanks for stopping by love!

      Stay Styled,

  2. Yay!!! love! You hair is so GLAM, i love those mermaid waves. Ill have to try this out!

    • Stay Styled says:

      Hey doll,

      I wish I had mermaid waves! Love my new NuMe wand it’s the best. Thanks for stopping by!

      Stay Styled,

  3. totally perfect waves! You look totally gorgeous!

    xo Ally

  4. Even though I have naturally curly hair, my hair holds a curl so poorly. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the nume wand so maybe I should try it out. Thanks for the tutorial :)


    • Stay Styled says:

      Hey there Mili,

      You’re so lucky you have curly hair. You don’t have to worry putting hot wands or curling irons to it :) If you do deside to come on the dark side ha ha you should def look into NuMe wands. Have a great weekend.

      Stay Styled,

  5. I wish I could let my hair air dry, you think you have frizz!!! I had a wand, but since I bought it my hair has grown 11 inches!! Now I’m just using a cheap curing iron. Thanks for the codes!! Also, have you tried dry shampoo yet? I only wash my hair twice a week and sometimes that last day my hair is looking a little greasy. I use quality salon shampoo and styling stuff, but the best dry shampoo I have used by far is Not Your Mama’s Dry shampoo and it’s only $5!!! Seriously if you haven’t tried it, go get some today!!

    • Stay Styled says:

      Hey there Jennie,

      I can’t believe your hair hasn’t grown after buying the wand! I wonder why that happened?! I’ve had many different wands and that hasn’t happened to me yet (knock on wood). Were you using it everyday? I try to only curl my hair once and leave the loose curls for the next day.

      On the days that I don’t wash my hair I def. apply my dry shampoo. I have a can at work just in case ha ha. I’ve never heard of “Not Your Mama’s Dry Shampoo” however, I will look it up and buy it since it’s only $5! What a deal :) Thanks for the beauty tips and stopping by my blog. Have a GREAT weekend!

      Stay Styled,

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