October 1, 2015

Mimosas and Matrimony (Bridal Shower Part II)

Over the weekend my Maid of Honor, Christa and my Bridesmaids threw me a bridal shower, (blog posts mentioned here and here) which was themed “Mimosas and Matrimony”. I was OBSESSED with this concept because as many of you know I love to brunch and enjoy a mimosa or two ha ha.

The event was held at Christa’s place which looks like it’s out of a Home and Gardens magazine – I kid you not, her place is UNREAL! Luckily for me she’s an event planner as well as her roommate, so the flower arrangements and food displays looked so professional!

Everything was decorated so beautifully, and there were TONS of my favorite sweet treats provided for myself and the guests. Displayed was a bowl of sour patch kids (my favorite candy), variety of different donuts which I’m such a sucker for and red velvet cupcakes which are also a favorite of mine. In the middle of the junk food arrangments was an adorable cake that had an “L” on it for my new last name. The CAKE was delicious, probably the BEST I’ve ever tasted, it was “fun fetti” flavor and she bought it from Susie’s Cakes. One of the “stand-out” items was a jar full of Hot Fries and everyone knows how much I LOVE Hot Fries. I thought it was such a funny and sweet touch!


Christa is one of the most talented event planners I have ever met. She is so organized and knows exactly what her customers want! I have no clue how she balances her work schedule, social life as well as being a MOH in two weddings in ONE year. She recently hosted my dear friend Jessica’s shower (blog post seen here) and shortly after planned mine (pictures seen below).

I love that Christa and my bridesmaids were able to make my day so special. They’re truly a GREAT group of ladies and I couldn’t have asked for better friends. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I can’t wait to share my second shower with ya next week (hosted by my fiancé’s family)!










My Maid of Honor – Christa (iPhone Pic)
My Bridesmaids (iPhone Pic)
from Left to Right
Erica (Brett’s sister), Christa (MOH & sorority sister), Me, Natalie (sorority sister), Lauren (middle school friend) and Rhonda (sorority sister).
Missing from the bridesmaids is my friend Sara (high school friend).
My friends and Family (iPhone pic)
Soon to be MR. and MRS.
Buffet Rentals//Archive Rentals – San Clemente
Equipment – Signature Party Rentals
Pic Cred//Amanda – The South Coast Movement

Stay Styled,



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  1. oh exciting girly!! you look beautiful congrats again! I cant wait to see pics from the big day!
    ps I love your new hair!!

  2. What a lovely shower! All of the personal details are so thoughtful. You’re right! She is a fabulous event planner. And I love that white dress on you. How did you keep those hot fries from messing it up? I would’ve needed a bib for that dress haha :)

    xx Yasmin

  3. So jealous! Everything looks like it’s taken from a magazine!
    Your friend is so talented!

  4. This is so cute! Love the theme :) And the dress!


  5. Beautiful photos! Looks lovely

    Made in MauveBloglovin

  6. Your shower looks absolutly darling! I love all of the sweet treats – not to mention your hair and dress look fabulous!


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