March 9, 2016

My Thirties

“Keep calm and be crazy, laugh, love and live it up because this is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again…”
birthday cake

Today, I’m celebrating my 30th birthday (yes, the BIG 3-0). It’s truly hard to believe that I’m no longer in my twenties and trust me if I could stay 25 years old forever, I would! Side note, the reason why I picked 25 is because it was the most memorable year for me – I moved, started dating my (now) husband and started a new job (tons of amazing changes during that period).

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In my head, 30 sounds old and I know in reality it’s not – age is just a number, right? Although, I absolutely LOVED my twenties and I grew so much as person, I’m looking forward to my 30’s and what the next 10 years have to offer. I’m guessing a new home, a baby or two and more wonderful years with my husband, friends and family!

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate everyone who has called, texted and messaged me – xoxo! Cheers to getting older ha ha!

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Shirt | Forever21
Trench Coat | c/o Chicwish
Sunglasses | Nordstrom
Pants | Express (cheaper version here)
Booties | Forever21
Purse | Nordstrom

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  1. Happy Birthday beautiful! As you said, age is just a number! Hope you had a wonderful day! Sending you love!
    Indie Suns | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  2. vaneberlin15 says:

    Happy Birthday!!! What a better way to start your 30’s than in a stylish way! Love the look..


  3. Nice cardigan :)
    Maria V.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Saying goodbye to your 20’s can be hard, but the best is yet to come! Gorgeous!!!

  5. Happy Birthday girl!! You are going to LOVE being in your thirties. I’m 30 and I’m going on 31 this month. It’s honestly the best. I feel like I am living well better than I did in my early 20s.

    • Stay Styled says:

      Awwww thanks so much Meghan, I’m sure it’s hard to believe that you’re in 30’s sometimes but hey…I hear 30’s are the new 20’s!

  6. Love the look. The flared jeans are so cute
    Miss Olivia Says

  7. happy birthday!

  8. I totally agree with you: age is just a number. So now: happy Birth Day, dear
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  9. Happy Birthday, wish you all the best! Hope you had a wonderful time, your cake looks amazing!

  10. Such a gorgeous look! I love those pants. They are the perfect amount of bell bottom, hehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Xo, Ellese


  11. Happy belated birthday! Cheers to you, beautiful pisces! You’re going to love your 30s!

  12. Happy birthday beautiful, you look fabulous!

    Hope your having a lovely week.

    Filipa xxx | Instagram

  13. Happy birthday on turning thirty!!
    Sounds like your 20s was an exciting time… I’ll be 27 in a few weeks and I’m definitely becoming aware of how the 20s can fly by… I wish we didn’t focus on age so much, though! It’s so in our faces… though birthday celebrations are fun and such a great excuse to get together with loved ones and favorite people!

    Anyway… good luck on all your 30s ventures! A new home sounds awesome, and babies (honestly, children, specifically your OWN) are wonderful!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    All the Cute
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    • Stay Styled says:

      Thanks Amber! I know it’s so hard not to focus on that stuff – oh well. Hopefully, my 30’s are the “new” 20’s ha ha. Thanks for stopping by, you’re always so sweet.

  14. happy birthday babe! you look fantastic and those flare jeans are perfect on you!

  15. A belated Happy Birthday! The thirties are a new exciting decade to look forward to 😉


  16. Awe, happy birthday Lindsey!! Wishing you a wonderful year! Enjoy your 30s, enjoy every day. You may actually be surprised that you may like 30s better than 20s, I mean it!! xoxo Zuma

    • Stay Styled says:

      Thanks Zuma, I’ve been hearing that a lot from my friends that the 30’s are the new 20’s 😉

  17. Lynne Le says:

    Happy belated birthday and omg, you look way too young for your 30 <3 <3

    xoxo, Best Bags 2016

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