December 2, 2015

Nice “Vue”

Before I left for my wedding weekend, I decided to stock up on some new outfits for all of the festivities. Out of all the clothes that I brought with me, other than my wedding dress of course, this shirt dress from Forever 21 (seen below) was my favorite. Not only was the price affordable but it came in multiple colors, so of course I bought another one!


I knew it would be perfect for the weekend as well as going out to dinner at Vue Restaurant in Indian Wells. I love that I can it pair it with tights, pants, and different styles of shoes. The versatility of it is what has kept me going back to the closet to bring it out again and again.

Everyone has their favorite “go-to” pieces… What are some of yours??? I would love to hear your responses.

Thanks for your feedback as usual and I’ll see you back here very soon.

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