October 9, 2014

[not so] Seasonal [not so] Splurge

seasonal splurge
“But how much is it?” This is me everywhere I go, with everything I buy. I know-I know, there are sometimes you just need a seasonal splurge. And I am all for coughing up the money for the things that will last and that you can get a lot of use out of. That being said, my favorite look over the last year has been the gold foiled dots from Kate Spade. If there was something in my life I could gold dot, I was going to do it. So when I saw the Keds for Kate Spade shoes last year, I thought “I have to have them”. Reality hit that I, of all people, should not be paying a lot of money for white tennies. The likelihood of me ruining them the first time wearing them is high. So when I saw them, I instantly thought “I could make those”. I bought some cheap white tennies at Old Navy and threw them in my closet to DIY later. I just recently came across them in my closet while in need of a light shoe for this unseasonably hot weather and thought what do I have these for? When I remembered, I rushed out to buy supplies to make these into my Kate Spade inspired trusty tennies.
no laces
with laces

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Shoes//Old Navy
Paint Pen//Michaels

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  1. Excellent Idea

  2. Great idea…I DIY project inspired by designer pieces! The finished product looks great!



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