June 3, 2015

“Pin the tail on the…project”

After Monday’s post (seen here), I went on a “pinning spree” on Pinterest. I’ve been so busy with wedding planning, work, social events and blogging that I forgot how AMAZING Pinterest is. I finally had some down time to look up DIY (do it yourself) flower arrangements that I could give as gifts. I’m currently LOVING these ones (see pictures below) and can’t wait to try them out!


I truly enjoy being creative and trying new projects. Once I master one of these “pins”, I will for sure share them on the blog and my Instagram. Hopefully, I don’t end up having a “Pinterest Fail” DIY project! This has happened A LOT ha ha.

What are some of your favorite DIY creations? I would LOVE to hear! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest at Stay Styled Blog :)


Stay Styled,

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  1. Haha so glad you’re back into pinning! I noticed your pins have been coming up more recently! Love The top left one, so pretty and they can easily be laid out on everyone’s plates as a gift!



  2. Love all of these! XO

  3. haha I think I am the queen of pinterest fails, especially when it comes to food! These are super cute and would be perfect for the Garden themed bacherlorette party I am throwing! Thanks for sharing babe!

    • Stay Styled says:

      Eh I’m the same way when it comes to recipes on Pinterest! I follow all the directions and I don’t know what happens lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have faith in you, can’t wait to see how they turn out :)
    xo, j

  5. I used to spend all of my extra time on Pinterest but now I rarely look at it! I should get back in it because you can find great DIY projects like these.


  6. It’s easy to get lost on pinterest. Have a great day.


  7. Love this post, so flower, so ROMANTIC 😉

    Bisous from France,
    *-* Sand *-*


  8. these are so cute but i’m far too lazy to DIY anything haha, can’t wait to see what you come up with though :)

    • Stay Styled says:

      Ha ha, I know what you mean! Hopefully this wont be a pinterest fail 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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