December 31, 2014

So Long 2 0 1 4!

Happy New Year!!!

We can’t believe 2014 has finally come to an end. What an exciting year it has been for us. From Lindsey getting engaged in January, to the two of us starting our own lifestyle/fashion/events blog. We are very pleased with the work we’ve done this year now looking back on 2014. With that said, we are ready to step our game up for an exciting and ‘fashion packed’ 2015!

Today we’re featuring our favorite quotes, pictures and outfits from the entire 2014 campaign. They will be in no particular order and we hope you enjoy everything we have to show you from this incredible year. We have learned a lot from the feedback from our very supportive viewers and also interacting with other up-and-coming bloggers. Now with a little more experience under our belts, we can give you guys better ideas for outfits and event planning suggestions as well. Christa will be my maid of honor for my wedding next fall, and I can’t wait to share the experience with you as we take on the process together.


Christa’s Recap
Lindsey’s Recap
Stay Styled,
Lindsey and Christa


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