May 6, 2014

Sometimes, the Best Things in Life are Unexpected…

In my last post I wrote something about looking into the future and how I was on a journey to find my favorite wedding venue. Well, it turns out I didn’t have to look too much further because I actually found “the one” this past weekend. I took a trip out to Palm Springs,Ca in an attempt to see what the area had to offer. The moment we set foot inside the resort, I knew right away that this was IT! I wanted to share this experience and also relate it to fashion and relationships as well.

Most of the time when we are not expecting or forcing the issue in life, we can find ourselves in a great place. It seems that when we try too hard, we are often dissatisfied or possibly let down. This concept can definitely be applied to your fashion choices. Maybe the next time you go shopping and can’t find the perfect outfit, you’ll put clothes together that are an Unexpected Match instead…  We will never know until we try right? Thanks for reading as always. Please feel free to respond with your thoughts.

This was the outfit I decided to wear when I went to Palm Springs, CA. My Unexpected Match. 😉




Stay Styled,

Lindsey (Ling)

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  1. You are super cute babe! Love those floral print, adorable <3

    xo, Alina

  2. Adorable look, so Summer time, totally love your style.

  3. I love the outfit! And, congratulations on finding a wedding venue! That must be a relief.
    -Helen Grace

    • Thank you Helen. Yes, it’s a huge relief!Now I can start planning the fun stuff like flowers, photography and picking the dress!

      Stay Styled,


  4. YAY!!! Congratulations… We have yet to set a date. Thinking about finding a venue makes my head spin. Can’t wait to see the location! You’ll have to post pics of the big day :)

    xo, Bekka
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    • Not going to lie…when your friends tell you that finding the venue is the hardest part THEY’RE NOT KIDDING!Take your time and don’t settle.

      Stay Styled,


  5. Your outfit is cute! I love those sweet printed shorts! Congrats on finding a wedding venue! I totally agree, sometimes what we were looking for was right there all along! :)

  6. Love those floral shorts! I totally agree, I have items in my closet that are old and haven’t worn in forever and a lot of the time I find new ways to wear it! It’s like shopping in my own closet! Congratulations on finding a venue! I’m sure that’s a huge relief!!

    • Thanks doll! I know what you mean about shopping in your own closet. However, I think we can both relate when we look at our closet and say “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” ha ha.

  7. LOVE this outfit! Those shorts are so cute. Congrats on finding the perfect venue!!

    xo Kylie

  8. Congrats on finding your venue! Now everything else should fall into place accordingly. I also totally agree about the unexpected matching outfits. I often randomly put things together and have an ah-hah moment!

    If your shoes are from Target, I’m pretty sure I have them! And I LOVE your bag!

    xo Lauren

  9. Congrats!!!! So exciting!!! LOVE the look too!!!


  10. Yay for unexpected twists in the best possible way. =)
    Yay for being twins in shorts, too! =D

  11. I love this look girl! Thanks for stopping by In a Wink! You have a new follower 😉
    Lindsey <3

  12. I love your outfit! So pretty!


  13. YAYY congrats on finding the perfect venue! That is half the battle :) I love your casual and fun look. Those floral shorts are perfect!


  14. Love these shorts! SO cute!
    xo Courtney

  15. and yay congrats!! I’m getting married in 17 days and I can tell you it goes by SO fast!

  16. love this look, super cute!

  17. So exciting that you found your venue, wedding planning is a blast!!! I am in love with your shorts, so beyond cute :)

  18. Love those shorts! So perfect for summer!

    Because I’m Obsessed

  19. Shorts like this are my favorite! Perfect summer CA look :)


    Pretty in Python

  20. I just discovered your blog,
    I will follow it in the future.

    Compra Laurea

  21. Such a cute outfit! I love your shorts!

  22. You look so cute and I love this look. It’s perfect for Palm Springs and I think the pattern on the shorts are so stylish.


  23. Love those shorts!!!

  24. Very cute summer look! I love the cognac touches.

  25. Angelina says:

    cute outfit and congrats on finding the venue!


  26. Very cute outfit and congrats on finding the venue!


  27. love the look! You’re beautiful!

  28. aww, love these shorts!
    Would u like to follow each other dear?

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