August 17, 2015

The Beautiful Bride

Usually I’m excited for every weekend because let’s face it, having two days off of work is AMAZING. However, this past one was extremely special because one of my closest friends and sorority sisters got married!

Jessica has been with her fiancé for 10 years and they’ve been engaged for 10 months. She is one of the most thoughtful, down to earth and motivated people I have ever met. I’m truly lucky to call her a friend. I know she and the entire family have been planning like crazy for the wedding so it was awesome to celebrate the new married couple.

I’ve dedicated my Monday’s post to her by posting some “throw back” pictures. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow my Instagram @stay_styled for daily updates and some fun pictures from Jessica’s wedding!

Halloween//Las Vegas – Dressed up as KISS
New Years Eve//Orange County
Me, Jessica and Amanda (The Southcoast Movement)
My Birthday Celebration//San Diego – Where’s Waldo Bar Crawl
Jessica’s Bridal Shower
Jessica’s Bachelorette//Las Vegas
Jessica’s Bachelorette//Las Vegas – Pledge Sisters

Mrs. Long #LiveLaughLong81515

Stay Styled,

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