January 8, 2015

the only Bachelor recap that matters

Hi Ya’ll,
It is that time again, The Bachelor has returned to television! Every Monday during The Bachelor we get countless texts from our friends asking if we are watching, taking bets on who will be sent home, and if this really will be the “most shocking season yet”. Well this season is no exception and we could not be more excited to watch the disaster unfold. Of course we are not writing to talk about Iowa, aka Chris Soules, but rather what did the 30 hopefuls wear to meet the man of their dreams.

So how is it breaking down so far? This season started with ABC’s red carpet event with some of The Bachelor alum making an appearance. We loved the ornate BaubleBar necklace last season’s winner Nikki Ferrell donned with a simple black dress and thought she look beautiful with a more natural blonde ombre look. Andi Dorfman killed it in her forest green one shoulder dress, but the best part of her outfit had to be her shoes! Finding a pair of strappy heels is so difficult when everything walks the line of prom night 2004. Recently Andi posted a photo revealing she made her dress, so cool!

bach alum


Now let’s jump into this season’s Bachelorettes.

Best dressed: Ok so this decision was pretty easy. If Tandra riding in on a motorcycle didn’t stop #princefarming in his tracks, her black lace dress had to. The dress was designed by Tony Bowls who also happens to be the official evening gown designer for the Miss. America Pageant. The dress is stunning and undoubtedly deserves our best dressed.



Worst dressed: This decision was made even before we made a decision to write this post, sadly this girl made the biggest fashion faux pas: over accessorizing. She ruined her mediocre look with a necklace of sorts that did not compliment the neckline of the dress at all. It was the worst!



Well that does it for our recap. What do you think? Did we get it right? Leave your thoughts below and see you next Tuesday for “the only Bachelor recap that matters”.

Stay Styled OC,

Lindsey & Christa

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