December 11, 2014

“Time To Step Up To The Plate!”

Big News!!! Recently the very popular sports apparel site,, requested that we feature a post about our game day style including one with a baseball hat of their’s in an outfit. You will see below what we came up with individually for the athletic ensemble. Being sports “fanatics” ourselves, we were very excited to get this opportunity. Here’s how we styled our own outfits.



I am so happy to be styling an outfit for Their site has some really great hats and apparel. When we were asked to select an MLB hat I was even more thrilled. Baseball is something that was born into my blood. I grew up in the stands of the stadium watching both my older brothers play and some of my earliest memories revolve around the game. Whenever people find out that I am a Dodger fan they give me a hard time, but the team really does have a special place in my heart. Most of my family lives in the Los Angeles area and when our family would go to a game growing up, it was always a Dodger game. The winding road into the stadium offers a nostalgic feeling that can’t be replicated anywhere. There is nothing comparable to the vintage-like stadium. I guess that is why for this outfit I went with some really classic/trusty choices. The hat I selected is their L.A. Dodgers ’47 Brand Black Dagger Flex Hat in Charcoal, it really has that classic look that can go with all my favorite game day apparel and I can wear it when running errands on the weekend. I selected a classic chambray shirt to compliment the simplicity of the hat and some leather slip-ons from Target to coordinate with some comfy leggings. I hope you all love the look and love some of the great apparel has to offer.
For my selection, I went with the hometown team, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. I grew up in Southern California and I have always been drawn to them. However, my connection to the Angels and baseball does not stop there. My fiance played professional baseball for seven years. He was apart of 3 Major League organizations (Mariners, Pirates, Diamondbacks). With that in mind, I have a pretty well rounded idea of what fans and girls in particular, like to wear to baseball games. So for this challenge, I decided to go with the unconventional baseball beanie. I figured wearing a hat is very standard so why not mix it up and make a fashion play that really compliments my favorite baseball outfit. The unique design of the beanie really stood out to me and that’s why I think it fits well for the perfect game day attire.

Once I decided on the Angels beanie, the other items fell into place. I went with a pair of skinny denim jeans and white converse shoes. For the top, I chose to feature an Angels team shirt, covered with a team colored flannel and a tan purse. I don’t know about you but when I go to a sporting event, I want to be comfortable yet stylish. As you will see in the collage, there are many ways to show off your flare for fashion while in your team gear.

We encourage all of you to visit to help bring your sports style to the next level. They have a huge selection that allows sports fans to buy their favorite items for the teams they love.

Stay Styled,

Christa and Lindsey (Ling)

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  1. That is so awesome ladies!! Love both outfits!!

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