October 7, 2015

Wedding Invites

When I first sat down with my family to budget for the wedding, we had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to spend most of the money. First, the venue, second flowers/decorations and third was the alcohol. One thing I knew for sure that I wanted to save money on was my invitations.

As much as I love elaborate invitations, I know they tend to cost a lot of money. We invited a large amount of guests and every website I looked at, the prices were over $1,000. I didn’t want to spend that much money on paper and especially when everyone just throws them out after RSVP’ing.

Even though printing and designing your wedding invitations can be somewhat time consuming and a bit of a pain, you really do save a TON of money! Instead of spending a $1,000 we were able to spend $600 and we put the rest of the money towards something else for the wedding.

Here are 5 helpful tips on how to make budget friendly wedding invitations:

  1. Buy a Template on Etsy.com. This way you can customize your innovations as much as possible.
    (I went through a friend who is a graphic designer but it’s basically the same thing)

  2. Buy blank wedding invitations at stores like Michaels, Target or Wal-Mart. I went through Michael’s and each set was around $40.
    **Tips for when you are picking these out **
    Make sure to double check the reviews on these items because with my invitations they got a little messed up once they were sealed. We used black invites with white inserts /envelopes and they ended up smudging the white paper.

  3. Make copies from your home or through Kinkos. My fiancé’s friend helped us with printing ours because the set I bought from Michael’s wouldn’t work at Kinkos.

  4. Buy stamps from Costco. I know most brides buy the wedding stamps that have bells or flowers on it but that was something I DID NOT care about.

  5. Buy a custom Stamp. I bought mine on Etsy.com and it was ONLY $15. I love the way it turned out and we used them for our Save the Dates, Wedding Invites as well as Thank You cards.

Although these were EXTREMELY time consuming, I was pleased on the way they turned out and how much money we were able to save. Thanks for stopping by and I hope these tips can help you with your next event you may be planning!

The inspiration behind my Wedding Invitations – Classic, Elegant and Timeless


This would be my DREAM wedding #Iwish
dream wedding

Design//Designs.by Danielle

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  1. Black & White is so classic! Plus you can mix any color in later if you decide later that you want a pop of color. Invitations are a great place to save money by DIY-ing them. While time consuming, the process can be fun, especially if you have your friends over to help! Great choices.

    xx Yasmin

  2. They turned out fantastic! Great job.


  3. Gorgeous invites!

    xo – Michelle

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