March 29, 2016

Wedding Tips

For today’s post I’m sharing a few pictures and helpful tips from the morning of my wedding. It truly was an amazing day and I wish I could do it all over again. Although, I had a million things on my “to do” list, I felt prepared for the big day. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing Maid of Honor as well as some awesome bridesmaids. Of course, my mom was a HUGE help too!


I remember reading wedding blogs and looking up different pins on Pinterest for what I needed to get done. I found many of the lists and timelines to be extremely overwhelming. Luckily, my MOH is an event planner so she was a HUGE help when it came to customizing these for me. She knew I wanted something simple and straight to the point. I made timelines for every little thing and that was probably the most tedious task however, it was crucial to have everyone be on the same page.

If you’re a bride-to-be, I hope these tips help you while you plan for your special day!


  1. WEEKEND TIMELINES: Two weeks before your wedding email your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members (the ones involved in the wedding) a timeline. This is critical and I cannot stress it enough especially, if you have pregnant BMs (I had two of them) or people who run late. (great timeline examples here and here)

  2. PHOTOGRAPHER TIMELINE: Make another timeline for your photographer with the specific shots you want and email it to them prior to the event. This is so important and will make things easier on you and your family (example seen here).

  3. EMAIL YOUR VENDERS: Email ALL of your venders the timelines, and who they need contact other than yourself (ex. Your wedding coordinator).

  4. CHECKLISTS: Make a checklist of everything you need to bring as well as for your soon-to-be husband (example seen here).

  5. HARD COPIES: Print out all of your timelines. I made two folders, one for myself and one for my coordinator. Trust me, having hard copies will come in handy because someone will forget what they’re doing or going.

  6. FOOD: Order food (ex. Sandwiches) for your bridal party. Also, make sure to ask everyone if they’re okay with your food selection. You may have someone who is vegetarian. It’s a long day and you want to make sure everyone eats while you’re getting ready!




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  1. Going to bookmark these tips for when it comes for my time. :)

    PS Congratulations!!

  2. these must be really helpful!

  3. those are some really amazing tips!

  4. Awesome Lindsey! I’ve been marred for 24 years now (omg!), so obviously and hopefully I won’t be having any more weddings hehe. But I think this timeline is greatly helpful for any big party or event!! Love your gorgeous photos!! xoxo Zuma

    • Stay Styled says:

      24years?! WOW, that’s amazing Zuma. I’m sure it’s gone by fast! Thanks for stopping by.

      stay styled,


  5. Lynne Le says:

    Nice tips, i will bookmark it for later <3

    xoxo, Lastestbag – Best Bags 2016

  6. Such pretty photo’s and great tips! xx, Erin –

  7. A photographer timeline really is key!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Lynne Le says:

    Thank you for useful tips, i’ll save them for later <3

    xoxo, Best Bags for Women and Men 2016

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