June 9, 2014

Wedding Woes

It seems like, in my old age of 27, that every other weekend I am in search of something to wear to a wedding. Sometimes it seems like it would be easy to pick a dress that I should just wear to everyone’s wedding, like a uniform. So what exactly are the rules to follow when attending a wedding? Here are mine, leave yours in the comments!

  1. Never wear white, cream, blush, or anything that may look or photograph white.
  2. Consider the venue. Wearing stilettos to a wedding that you will be in grass for is never a good look. (Saying that, there are some weird caps that you can put on your stilettos that will prevent you from slipping into the grass)
  3. Do not try to out stage the bride. This is not your day.
  4. Your dress should look appropriate. You should feel comfortable standing in front of someone’s grandma in your outfit. There is always that one girl at weddings that looks like she just left a club in Vegas.
  5. Remember this is a wedding. Don’t go too casual. Wear something nice. Your picture will be taken and you don’t want to be the girl who looks like you are going to a bar.
  6. Wear some makeup, this isn’t the beach, it is a wedding.

Black dress with j SONY DSC SONY DSC photo (2)


Stay Styled OC,

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  1. That is such a fun LBD!! Great choice for a wedding!

  2. loving your black dress! It’s amazing to me some of the things people can show up to weddings wearing! Great post :)

  3. Great tips! And I love that black dress!

    xo Kylie

  4. Cute post ladies! I was just shopping for a wedding and I was totally hoping someone would post something like this. I ended up getting this adorbs green Kate Moss for Topshop dress at Nords and then got too sick to make the wedding! I would love to see a post on options for casual and formal weddings from you guys… Since Christa is the planner guru and Linds is planning a wedding. Loving your blog! Xo!

  5. Cute dress!

    Olivia Abdelmalek


  6. Blush and Blonde says:

    Hahaha oh I’m dying, YES there’s always the girl teetering around at a wedding in platform stilettos and a skin tight micro mini… All I can say is bless her heart!! Love your look, your hair is perfect :)

    Jessie at Blush and Blonde

  7. These are great tips, Christa! It seems like everybody in my life has gotten wedding fever lately, and I’m constantly having to find something to wear. That dress that you are wearing is simply lovely, and classic too!

    -Helen Grace


  8. Love this Little Black Dress!!! Its so cute, the pop of lace is such a great addition to an LBD. Your hair looks really cute as well :)


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